Cruel man dragged dog behind car

A woman was driving alongside the road close to San Pedro Carchá Coban, Alta

Verapaz, Guatemala. At one point, she noticed that a car in front of her had

something attached to it. She sped up to get a closer look at the vehicle, only to

discover that a dog was being dragged in motion. The dog did not appear to be alive

anymore. She followed the car for over two miles and had the opportunity to take a

few photos as evidence during this time, but she was unable to pursue the driver to

pull over.

At this point, there is no information on who was the actual owner of the dog and the

circumstances that led to this appalling incident. Only authorities can shed a light on

these details.

She later posted the incriminating pictures on social media; they were met with

anger, fury and disgust. The woman recalls that an adult male was driving a car and a

boy, no older than 10, was in the back of the vehicle. The woman claims that the child

had turned around to check on the dog at least four times during the two mile chase.
Some took to defend the cruel man, claiming that perhaps he had found the lifeless

animal somewhere and decided to get rid of the body by dumping it in the woods. No

matter how you put it, such treatment of an animal is unacceptable
Social media went to work and identified the driver with the help of the license plate

numbers, which are visible in the photo.