Voice of ugly Animals



At a time when the world is geared toward safeguarding attractive endangered animals like pandas and tigers, these

ugly looking animals, whose faces are loved only by Mother Nature, need to be saved at all costs. The number of

animals in the wild has gone down by 58 percent since 1970, according to a new report from the Zoological Society of

London. It’s surprising to note that the ugly-looking Titicaca water frog faces the same risk as its cosmetically

attractive relations. However, to a handful of good souls, looks aren’t everything, and these horrid-looking creatures

have their own admirers.

In order to campaign for these less-blessed animals, an organization called the Ugly Animals Preservation Society

was set up by Simon Watt. He’s apprehensive of the fact that endangered species may totally disappear.
Some of these animals include the Titicaca water frog, the large-nosed Proboscis monkey, blobfish, aye-aye, kaluga

aturgeon, the Antsingy leaf chameleon, the Vietnamese giant snail, the red-headed vulture, salamanders, the peacock

tarantula, and the mole rat, to name a few. The vast chunk of life out there is ugly and dull, said Simon. If people

want to save tigers, snow leopards, and pandas, things must be going wrong, he added. At least 50 of these species

are becoming extinct every single day, which is why the organization was set up.


Simon wrote a book titled The Ugly Animals: We Can’t All be Pandas in 2015 that lists some of the ugliest creatures

on this planet. He said that people are drawn to animals with a teddy bear look and added that it’s now time to

safeguard their habitats rapidly. If not done, the world will turn out to be boring, pain and dull, he explained.