Wear real fur? Read this.

Investigations into the leather industries in China and India – two of the top three leather-producing nations in the world – have revealed horrific abuse.


More than 1 billion animals are killed worldwide for the leather trade every single year, from cows and calves to horses, lambs, goats and pigs – and even dogs and cats
While most people wouldn’t dream of wearing real fur, leather also comes from animals who were cruelly killed for their skins. Before being turned into belts and bags, many animals endure all the horrors of factory farming – including intensive confinement inside filthy cages or pens, castration without pain relief, chronic infections and disease caused by extreme crowding and a terrifying trip to the abattoir.

A worker at the slaughterhouse told PETA Asia’s investigator that this one facility kills up to 200 dogs every single day. When the video was shot, there were about 300 live dogs in the compound slated for slaughter. PETA Asia’s investigator documented that dog skin was turned into women’s dress gloves, men’s work gloves, shoes, belts, jacket collar trim and other products that are exported all over the world. No company is going to advertise that its gloves or belts are made of dog skin. An owner of one processing plant told PETA Asia’s investigator that the facility markets its products as lambskin . If you buy leather, short of doing a DNA test, there’s almost no way to tell what – or rather whom – you are wearing.

Even though cows are India’s holiest animals, they are still routinely killed for their skins in this cruel and corrupt trade.Many cows are beaten mercilessly ,and some endure the agony of being skinned alive. At the abattoir, many cows, pigs, chickens and sheep have their throats cut while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain.

What You Can Do:
A growing number of top designers, high-street stores and online retailers now offer their customers shoes, jackets, handbags, wallets, iPhone covers and more made from vegan leather, micro-suede and other high-quality materials that don’t harm animals or the planet.

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Source : www.peta.org.uk